Come to our monthly ABM Talk to join the Discussion on Antisemitism and Law!

Dr. Abraham Bar Menachem (b. 1912 Giessen-Wieseck, d. 2017 Netanya, Israel) studied law and completed his doctoral thesis in 1933 at the then Ludwigs-University Giessen. The rise of National Socialism prevented him from taking the bar exam. In 1938 Bar Menachem and his wife escaped to Palestine, where he worked as a lawyer and later was elected Mayor of the Israeli city of Netanya. Throughout his life Bar Menachem tirelessly contributed to the reconciliation between the Jewish people and Germany. It is a great honour to name our series of talks in his memory, with his family’s kind permission.

The ABM-Talks are public, everyone can join the discussion via Zoom. Past ABM-Talks can be found on our Youtube page.

More information about Dr. Menachem can be found here.