Call for Abstracts for Volume on Jewish Jurists

The implementation of racial laws, the exclusion of Jewish lawyers from judicial life and the subsequent failed denazification are only fragments of a picture in which parts of the European judiciary not only stood by and watched the oppression, terror and
antisemitic policies, but also played a decisive role in promoting them. The role of Jewish lawyers, who experienced many pains while defending their degrees, Jewish legal heritage and own lives, has far too seldom been highlighted in this context.
Among them there are many who, despite the odds, actively resisted the Nazi injustice and antisemitism, fighting for equality, accountability and human rights. Others chose a quieter path. In particular, female Jewish lawyers, whose careers and livelihoods were even more precarious due to multiple forms of discrimination, are often not given the attention they deserve. The achievements of some non-Jewish lawyers, who showed solidarity and stood up against hatred of Jews, also deserves attention.
An edited volume, to be published within the framework of the DFG-funded project Seeing Antisemitism Through Law: High Promises or Indeterminacies?, is going to contribute to closing this gap. It is presenting biographies of Jewish lawyers and jurists involved in the fight against antisemitism, to both scholarship and the general public. Potential contributors to the edited volume are cordially invited to submit an abstract, outlining the life of the individual and explaining his or her relationship to the topic of antisemitism and/or Judaism.

More information on the requirements can be seen below.